Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

Satellite pioneer, creator of SES/Astra, and allegedly Europe's most dangerous woman tells us about a lifetime in the (new) space industry. Candece gives us her view on the space industry today, what to consider as an investor or entrepreneur in space, and tells us how to build a space nation from scratch.

Candace 4

"With the digital transformation, the world is dependent on space, it really is.

The extreme weather that is occurring because of the climate change can be measured and predicted by space, by satellites.. Even just being able to identify a stolen car can be identified by space. But, the space can also identify the forest fires, the tsunamis, the buildings that will fall, the bridges, the infrastructure. So today an investment in space is basically an investment in the essential part of our economy, of our society and of our life on the earth. It is truly that important."

- Candace Johnson

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