Co-Founder & CEO at The Exploration Compan

Former Airbus and Ariane wiz Hélène Huby co-founded the Exploration Company in 2021 with the goal to provide affordable ways for anyone to access space. And to put Europe in the center of space.





As more and more companies venture into space we need to think hard about sustainability and reusability. Not only do we have to limit the carbon emissions on Earth and the amount of debris in space, but there is also the fact that along with the democratization process prices need to drop in order for more people to actually gain access to the resources that space can offer. This is done by building reusable machines that last longer and using green fuel. And of course working close to home. The Exploration company does just that!

Have we gone to Mars Yet? is produced at Beppo by Rundfunk Media in collaboration with Rymdkapital.