Nikos Petropoulos

Research Engineer at LKAB

We went to Kiruna and met up with Nikos Petropoulos, Research engineer at LKAB, to talk about robots and drones and how they can be used to explore and excavate around the solar system and we talk about how they use Boston Dynamics robot SPOT in LKAB:s mines and how it can be programmed to perform different tasks in areas that are difficult for humans to reach.


Our resources on Earth are limited. But space is, despite the vacuum, full of desirable minerals and precious metals just waiting to be harvested. It is of course quite complicated and expensive to take advantage of the resources that are out there, but judging by the rate of the development of space technology and mining methods, it won’t be long until we have both mines on asteroids and space-based factories. Don´t be surprised if the answer to our needs is found not by digging where we stand, but above our own heads!

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