Private astronaut, explorer & entrepreneur

Video game developer turned explorer turned astronaut tells us about his journey to the International Space Station and all it took to get there. He also talks about investments, the future and what he thinks is the best way forward for humans conquering of space. And of course he answers the most important questions of them all, Have we gone to Mars yet?


"Sadly we have not gone to Mars yet,

but I actually believe that it is now doable within a decade once we decide to go. We favorite plan to get there, it sideslips some of the politics that I believe is holding it back, especially now that everybody seems to be focused on the moon as the next target again. It's to do it as we did the X-price [..] just put a few billion dollars behind prices, and I believe if you do that, all that infrastructure will be up on Mars will pretty darn quick."

- Richard Garriott de Cayeux

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Have we gone to Mars Yet? is produced at Beppo by Rundfunk Media in collaboration with Rymdkapital.